How to tell a woman you like her

1) Get inspired. Look back on the times when you enjoyed being
around her, discovered that you have a lot in common, or realised
that you had tremendous respect for her.

2) Put yourself in her shoes. Based on what you know about her,
imagine what language or situations might make her uncomfortable,
and avoid them. If you are unsure, err on the side of caution. Avoid
overemphasising the appeal of her physical appearance.

3) Choose an appropriate venture for your disclosure, so that you
can avoid embarassmant and awkwardness. Take her sailing, and say it
admist the waters...

4) Make yourself clear. You don't have to be cryptic to be tactful.
Rather than wrapping your feelings of romance in a riddle, clearly
convey your atraction.

5) Keep the door open for a response, without putting pressure on
her. Let her know that you want to remain friendly, even if you do
not develop a closer relationship.

6) Give your declaration some time to sink in. It may take a few
days or even weeks. Once you start counting the months go by, you
can safely bet she is not interested.

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